Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Ouch! 70% teachers still swear by the cane

Yes, nearly 70 per cent of our teachers still follow the age-old adage "spare the rod and spoil the child", according to a new study done to ascertain how teachers discipline their pupils in India, reported by PTI.

"A significantly greater number of teachers who had received punishment during childhood opined in favour of punishing children. These teachers were also involved in this activity," according to Dr Harmesh Singh, Department of Paediatrics, Dayanand Medical College and Hospital, Ludhiana.

The study found that physical punishment of schoolchildren by teachers is common. Stress in the family (of the teacher) and punishment received during the childhood were significant risk factors.

"The problem of physical punishment is also common in places like Delhi. We get one or two cases daily of children who develop some psychological problem due to this," says Dr J M Wadhawan, psychiatrist, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in the capital.


Medha Purandare said...

Stress in family (of the teacher) and punishment during the childhood by teachers...ha, what an excuse to punish little angles.

Punishments physically and even mentally has definite bad effect on psychology of kids that too at their early stage of education. This should never happen. As it is kids are over-burdened with heavy school-bags on their backs. Further, they too might be going through stress not meant for their age.

In all, regret to know Delhi Dr.'s report. Hope situation at other cities of India is ok. I wish happy environment for next generation students.

mazevichar said...

The report on teaching in school with a cane is disgusting,first of all y r the teachers made to be teachers where they themselves have under gone punishment in their childhood,childern r innocent and true they should be nutured in a positive manner whereby they grow up into good responsible people and citizen of the country with a harsh treatment very early in their life how do one xpect them to be good to society naturally they will develop a stigma psychologically which unfortunately they will live all their life the education system in the country gone to the dogs, no wonder these days one find a great amount of ill feelings towards each other in the country there is no patience, determination to solve this issue.DISGUSTING.