Thursday, January 05, 2006

Aaj Ki Taaza Khabar (Jan 5)

Starting today, we start a new feature on the Sakaal blog. What we will do is highlight the headlines of the Page 1 news that has appeared in today's Sakaal, The Maharashtra Herald and Agrowon.

Please feel free to comment on the specific news items and/or on the issues raised therein.


Medha Purandare said...

Then I wish those headlines are uploaded here same time not at 11am or so. It will be appreciated by ealry morning visitors to enable them comment fast.

Of course, it will be good for all to comment on specific news.

YogiRaja said...

we will have to see whether ppl accept it or not... As there will be too many topics to comment on...

Have a look at blog just above to this one...really too many topics yaar

Anonymous said...

sakaal blogger is good platform for interaction.

Vivek said...

I dont think posting headlines is a good idea , we can get it from your website , I think everyday you should pick some interesting news to post here and allow everyone to comment on it.

What do u Think???
(And you should also post your reply on the comments)

VinodC said...

PMC -PCMC Road Pole Lights -

It is strange to understand why the quality of the Street / Road Pole Lights in & around Pune & PCMC area , courtesy our own PMC / PCMC offices, is so poor & pathetic.

I drive frequently on my bike & during evening hours it becomes very difficult to drive in spite of the Pole Lights being turned on & wonder why the the Pole Lights are so dim ? ? why are they kept so dim ? Is there any scientific reason for keeping the lights dim ? Why Public Money is being wasted ? Why cannot the lights be powerful ? There should be a basic sense among the Civic Authorities , that the street / road lights should throw / impart sufficient light on the road
so that the people can see each other , see the road properly & drive safely etc etc.

When would the PMC / PCMC Authorities realize the poor condition of Road Pole lights being created by them ? What corrective action would be taken ? I do not have any answer to these questions, I am worried about today's system.