Monday, November 27, 2006

Devoid of a sound Displacement Rehabilitation policy, it seems that the question of Economic Development Vs. Livelihood will get more and more complex and explosive in coming days. May it be the question of Narmada dam or an SEZ near Pune, the basic question is how should government execute its prerogative of acquiring properties. It is noticeable that each time the loser of property is one whose livelihood depends upon that property, e.g. a tribal losing his small strip of land to a big dam - the dam which is not going to benefit him but may be to a big city nearby.
While opposing each and every step of development may be unwise, not formulating a longterm and sound policy of compensation and rehabilitation is more silly and unjust. Can giving employment in proposed project to those affected by it be a solution? Read this piece from Sakaal:

एसईझेडमध्ये स्थानिकांना नोकरीची हमी - मुख्यमंत्री

मुंबई, ता. २५ - विशेष आर्थिक क्षेत्रासाठी (एसईझेड) कोणत्याही शेतकऱ्याची पिकाऊ व पाण्याखालची जमीन घेणार नसल्याचा पुनरुच्चार मुख्यमंत्री विलासराव देशमुख यांनी येथे केला. ""प्रकल्पबाधित शेतकऱ्याच्या कुटुंबातील व्यक्तीला त्याच ठिकाणी नोकरी देण्याची हमी राज्य सरकारने घेतली आहे,'' असे आश्‍वासन त्यांनी दिले. .......

Can this be a solution? It is like telling the farmer to chose between being an owner and being an employee. Besides are the farmers asking for these jobs?
How can this dilemma between development & livelihood (livelihood & dignity) be solved?


captsubh said...

Seeing the surreptious manner of acquiring lands under one pretext or the other,be it for a dam,expanding city limits or now in the clever guise of SEZ,I am convinced that the M'tra Govt's intentions are nefarious & mala fide as with it's connivance & subtle perfidy,land costs are going through the roof,be it be in towns or the villages.The M'tra Govt acquired farm land at Rs.7 lakhs per unit & sold same land at Rs.80 lakhs to the industry.The farmers did get some compensation,but lost their shelter as well as means of livelihood.Our politicians do shed crocodile tears from time to time, when many farmers commit suicide,but are hell bent on acquiring all their land now under the clever reason of SEZs.This must be opposed tooth & nail till the proposal is dropped!

captsubh said...

शेतकयांच्या जमिनी अत्यल्प किंमतीत बळकावून त्यांना बेघर करायचे व त्याच जमिनी उद्योजकांना कित्येक पट किंमत लावून विकणे हा सध्द्याच्या सरकारचा महत्वाचा कार्यक्रम आहे.एकीकडे शेतकयांच्या आत्महत्त्या चालू असताना त्यांच्या नातेवाईकांना कर्जमाफ़ी करायची वा व दुसरीकडे एस.ई.झेड च्या गोड सोनेरी योजनांखाली बेघर व बेजमीन केलेल्या शेतकर्यांनाच एस.ई.झेड.मध्येच कांहि वर्षानी नोकरीची हमी व आश्वासनं द्यायची यातच आपल्या सरकारचा ढोंगीपणा दिसतो. विकासाच्या नावाखाली विदेशी कंपन्या व त्यांच्या पैशांची भुरळ पडलेल्या सरकारला विकासाची अतिशय घाई थांबवून आहे ते संभाळा व स्वदेशीचा पण अभिमान बाळगा नाहितर या देशात गोरगरिबांचे काय मध्यमवर्गीयांचे जिणे अशक्य होणार आहे.
सुभाष भाटे

Suresh said...

भांडवलदार गावातील संभावीत गुंडांना दलालीचे प़लोभन दाखवितात. मोक्‍याच्‍या जमीनी विकत घेउन लहान शेतक र्‍याच्‍या ज्ञमीनी चा रस्‍ता-पाणी बंद करून जमीन विकण्‍यास भाग पाडतात.

Madhavrao said...

It It appears real interest in SEZ is because of large amount of money involved. Small projects may be helpful to common man but they are of no use to politicians. They need to work very hard for same returns.

My point is why SEZ is necessary? Why it should be near big cities? What would be advantage to farmers who give away land even at high price they would ask for? What is the improvement in state economy? How it would create jobs for locals?

Politicians need to answer all above questions satisfactorily before going for SEZ.

I propose at least following should be done.
1. Locate SEZ in the most famine affected area.
2. Pay farmers as per land price in cities in terms of shares of the companies at basic price. Alternatively the Government should create a special account like PPF and allow farmers to withdraw only interest per month.
3. Provide employment to each and every citizen in the villages where SEZ is located.
4. If villagers do not possess necessary skills, educate them, train them and make them suitable for the job.
5. Provide employment guaranty to all of them for at least 30 years.

walkingonarope said...

I appeal to farmers on the outskirts of the city not to give up their lands to the government for the developing of the industry, the land is our motherland and one should not part with it, i do not unsderstand why the government is after the farmer's land when they can shift their focus to small towns in the state and develop them.

Madhavrao said...

Road of progress for development may be extending super express Mumbai-Pune highway to Solapur and then to Vardha-Nagpur. Mumbai-Nagpur high way is part of 'Golden rectangle' This way entire Maharashta may be covered excluding Konkan. Similar road should be provided by developing existing Mumbai-Goa highway.

This would involve big investment but would have miraculous effect on Maharastra development. Even if it takes 25 years for final results we should work for it.

Madhavrao said...

Communications in India have leaped forward. Road, rail, air communications if provided SEZ can be located in draught prone areas easily.

Development of water, electricity and communication can be charged to those companies establishing their industry in SEZ

Madhavrao said...

Thinking SEZ is not good and just protesting against is no solution. We must turn this in to an opportunity. This can be done. Make politicians to develop communication, water supply, electricity to draught prone area and be firm that it would be accepted only if Farmers are given good price, their gains are not charged, invested safely for regular monthly income, all villagers are educated-trained for employment in SEZ and all development cost is charged to the companies in SEZ.

Convert ASMANI SANKAT in to Opportunity.